Red pill, blue pill?

How do you know that red pill you think you took was really red?  How do you know it wasn’t just another blue pill, disguised to look red, and that this brave, new, red-pill world you see before you isn’t just a whole other layer of deception, specifically designed to trick people like you, people who like to believe they’re too smart to buy the ordinary lies?


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4 Responses to Red pill, blue pill?

  1. Alrenous says:

    Mainly because I’m still a dissenting voice, even in the red pill crowd. For example I still hold certain ingredients of the blue pill are true and useful; I’m currently trying to figure out exactly how I differ on the idea of equality – at first glance, it seems proggies uphold one twisted view of equality, and their opponents uphold the opposite, so twisted wherever proggies got it right.

  2. Zimriel says:

    [I am here from Foseti.]

    The red pill is common sense. The red pill is observation and experiment. The red pill clears out ideological assumptions.

    The red pill does not interpose a new ideology of its own.

  3. ce9999 says:

    I am largely in agreement with both comments. Key elements of a genuine red-pill worldview must necessarily include an ability to dissent, observe, experiment, question, utilize one’s natural mental faculties in an effective way, etc.–particularly important (and challenging) is an awareness of whether fundamental assumptions are valid.

    The idea of a blue pill universe serving at least a partially useful function is something I find myself in agreement with as well, although I think there are certainly some risks to that.

  4. You don’t.

    When I was a libertarian, I thought that would be the end of the road for me, as far as my views on government and politics.

    Royalism came like a shot from the dark. I wasn’t expecting that to be even a option. I expect, if I ever do change my mind, it will be to something similarly bizarre.

    All you can do is keep a rational mind (not an open one!). Try to find out where your biases are, and practice being convinced by compelling arguments. Read LessWrong for much more information on how to keep a rational mind.

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